Saturday, July 31, 2010

Farmer's Market

Today seems like as good a day as any to start a blog. I was struck with serious blog envy last night after running across two amazing blogs created by my old friends Estelle and Megan. I'm also dealing with a burning desire to document my life during these last few months before my baby meets the world. All of a sudden the mundane events of my existence seem terribly IMPORTANT. This could either be the effect of hormones or the beginnings of mental illness.
Anyway, here's a synopsis of my Saturday.

Thank goodness the farmer's market is back and in full swing. The long, cold months of winter here in the pacific northwest are hard enough to bear without any fresh berries or local produce except for squash. 

It was just perfect today in the farmer's market depot- bustling but not too busy. As much as I want the vendors to make loads of money I get a little anxious when the place is swarming with tourists and mommies with giant strollers. It seems like the sunny days bring out throngs of people who don't necessarily want to shop for produce, but to lurk around causing traffic jams while they soak up the ambiance. 

I'm always grateful to be there, regardless. And there were some gems today. 

Lovely Libby of Moth and Squirrel has some new plush animals made from soft, thrifted sweaters. They make sweet baby gifts. 

The stegosaurus is my favorite. 

I'm not sure what this lady's name is but she can make a cute planter out of anything. 

Including her old purse. 

We had to hit up our favorite antique store that has been closed all month while the owner was in Eastern Washington. She reopened with some great stuff, like these spoon garden markers. 

And this awesome vintage colander. I seem to be developing a colander fetish since my friend Julea gave me a cherry red one for my birthday. I passed on this one because the enamel was chipped on the inside. If it keeps me up tonight I'll be back in the morning for it. 

I've also been nursing an obsession with vintage bird planters for  a few years now. Amazingly, I haven't bought one yet. I'm still on the hunt for the right one. The one I really can't get over is sitting in the windowsill of an apartment downtown. I'm coveting a stranger's bird planter and I can't move on. 

Here's what I came home with. A new (used) sewing box for my future baby afghan. 

Matthew scored this vintage gold frame that happened to fit an unframed print from our wedding. I don't think the picture even does it justice, it's hot stuff.
Happy Saturday!
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