Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Evolution of Motherhood

Phase I- I'm not going to give her this orange, because she might choke on it.
Phase II- I'm going to supervise her eating this orange.
Phase III- She's abusing the orange and throwing on the floor, I'm going to take it away.
Phase IV- She's smearing the orange into the carpet and the walls, and I don't give a flying fuck as long as she isn't screaming.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ceci's Bling

You didn't think any child of mine would go around unadorned, did you? Ceci was gifted this cute cuff bracelet by the fabulous Ryan of Umbilicus Designs. Love it. She shines brighter than the galaxy, folks. It showcases her chubby little wrist quite nicely. Cherubs weep in envy. Of course, she frequently tears it off and "looses" it so I retrace my steps all over town to recover it. But it's worth it. She sparkles and I'm burning calories like mad. 
Things have been quiet here in blogville. I'm finding that living with a mobile toddler consumes all my attention during the waking hours. She has three words- "cat", "wow", and "hi", and between the constant stream of babble she's in constant motion. The girl is off faster than a prom dress. In fact, the only time I seem to have to myself is late at night, when I get home from work. I'm spending the wee hours devouring Prime Suspect on hulu (F*^k NBC for cancelling this excellent show!) and my other new obsession- Pinterest. I treasure the time I have to myself- it seems to be dwindling. Cheers my friends. 
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