Saturday, April 30, 2011

Aloha and Goodbye

We are getting out of this hellhole for warmer climes tomorrow! Hurrah! I've dealt with Hawaii brain for weeks now. It's bad. I'm no longer able to think critically or communicate. All I do is dream of digging my toes into the warm, warm sand. I've gone through the baby's clothes fondling swimwear and sun hats countless times.
All this woolgathering makes it difficult to work, or run errands, or do anything really. I don't think I've had a real vacation since my honeymoon almost two years ago. I was foolish enough to think my maternity leave would be vacation-esque. Ha! It's amazing how naive a first time Mother can be. I guess maternity leave would be a fun vacation for a masochist who hates sleep, enjoys perineal pain, and gets a thrill from sudden mood swings. I myself think it makes more sense to take a maternity leave when the baby is older, sleeps more, and the body feels less like it was run over by a threshing machine.
But I digress.
Matthew, Ceci and I are flying to Oahu tomorrow for five days with my parents, and then we will spend the weekend on the Big Island with some friends who live outside Kona. Of course I'm worried about flying with baby. If she screams the entire time it will be thrilling for me and all the lucky people around us.
Pray for us.
I might post some pictures while we're there. Until next time, aloha friends!

Our backyard two weeks ago. Spring is bullshit.

Our honeymoon on Kauai! Matthew knows he can only get a bikini photo when I'm at least a half mile away. It's too far to throw a rock.

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  1. i love your blog emily. it cracks me up. have a fabulous time in the warm sun! xo


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