Sunday, September 5, 2010

Guemes Island Field Trip

The long weekend called for an out-of-Bellingham experience. There seem to be too few in these dog days of pregnancy. Matthew and I went with some friends over to Guemes Island for the Slow Loris studio sale. We've been fans of their screen prints for years, but for some reason have never travelled an hour away to see where the magic happens.

Sam and Laurilee on the ferry. 

This is my personal favorite of Matthew's Slow Loris shirts. It makes me feel... funny. Maybe it's the word "moister".

Arriving at the studio sale.

Shirts for sale. 

Funky wood belt buckles. 

The studio offered any of these prints on your own clothing for five bucks.

The nifty screen printing machine/ octopus/ spider? What the heck is this thing called?

Baby onesie before. 

And after!

The underside of the printing press. 

Matthew and Craig enjoying the view behind the studio. The day out there stoked my desire to move out to a quiet island and never leave. I've had a hankering for island life for a while, but these visits with the laid back artisan/ island folk make we want to bolt from the "city" and live out my days off of the grid. It's possible I would get a little crazy after a few months with no grocery store/ restaurant/ movie theater in the vicinity. I'd probably start whittling busts of my cat, neglect my dental hygiene, and develop a peculiar odor. Either that or I'd hang around the general store all day desperate for a bit of gossip and a newspaper. I guess I'm probably good where I am for now. I don't really fancy delivering my own baby anyway. 
Happy Labor day!


  1. Love the post! It was great meeting you guys! Come visit us island crazies again soon!
    Much love~

  2. This looks like soooo much fun! Looking forward to spending some time with you lovely ladies soon! XO


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