Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ready, Set, Snow.

Snow in Bellingham is a somewhat infrequent event. It snows four or five times each winter, and it usually melts away within a few days. That being said, when it snows here the city turns into a messy and dangerous mess. The city sold all but a few snowplows some years back, so only the arterial roads get plowed, and the sidewalks certainly don't get maintained unless the residents take it upon themselves to do so.
It's certainly a huge difference from the years I lived in Lake Tahoe, where the plows were so efficient that even when it dumped snow all night I would almost always wake up to a freshly plowed street and driveway. No such luck here. Ceci and I don't have any pressing engagements, so we're fine to hunker down and wait it out.
Happy Sunday.

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