Sunday, September 11, 2011

Anatomy of a Meltdown

A friend in California once asked me if Ceci ever cried.  She said all the pictures she's seen of Ceci are of a smiley, happy baby. Therefore, she must be the best baby ever. Miss Tracy, here is my response. Enjoy.
Ceci enjoying the fruits of the season.

Post blackberry binge regret and shame. 

The sweet, sticky tang of remorse. Remorse all over the high chair, the floor, and her sweet baby flesh. 

Rage when Dad attempts to remove her from the high chair. 

Shame that the paparazzi captured her moment of half-naked defeat. 

And the final humiliation- the wet towel across her face. 


  1. Maybe my favorite post ever! Haahhahha, oh, life is so hard Ceci!! xo

  2. But, it is such an adorable meltdown! We are all too familiar. Only it's not so cute when it's on our end.

  3. So cute....and not such a bad meltdown. Wait till they get to be the irrational, embarrasing meltdowns in public places!


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