Saturday, February 25, 2012

At the salon

Oh my god I just realized I can blog post from my iPhone. I might be able to get back to it. I can't get near the laptop at home without Ceci trying to bang on the keyboard like a demented virtuoso. Anyway I'm at the nail place now. A moment of peace away from the toddler. It would be perfect if I wasn't inhaling chemicals and watching girls with fake coach purses get their acrylic nails fixed. Acrylic nails are like petri dishes of bacteria.


  1. Yeahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Your back! I have been watching and hoping! Xo

  2. Just reading through some old posts of make me smile. Miss you and hope you're back for good!

    (I wouldn't mind a gratuitous picture of Ceci banging away on the computer. Hint hint. :))

    Miss you, love you, think of you often. Glad you're well, and so happy you got time to get thee to a salon. Yeah me time :) XOXOXO


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