Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday Bling

Oh Lord, the jewelry lust just doesn't go away. It goes into remission for a spell. Weeks, months, sometimes a half of a year. That's when I relax for a bit, get some money in the bank, and focus on non-jewelry related matters. But one day I hear it. The soft familiar voice in the back of my head. Reminding me. Must be shiny. Must sparkle. Must have precious, precious bling. When it recurs it comes back with a fury.  
You know what set me off this time? What triggered me? Finding a Mark Chee bracelet in a local thrift store (not bracelet pictured). This is precious bling folks. And it's not cheap. So I've taken to lurking near the store. Drinking unnecessary cups of coffee out front. Peeking in the windows. The vendor knows it's precious. The vendor sees me, loitering in the area. I can't get too close to the bracelet. It's too tempting. Now I see silver everywhere I look. Singing it's siren song, pulling me incrementally closer to a relapse. 

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