Monday, March 18, 2013

The Potty Blues

The time has come to see if we can make this potty thing happen for real. I cannot break the bank on diapers forever. LL used this plan to potty train her kid in TWO DAYS. I kid you not.
We started on Saturday. Here's a synopsis.

Day 1- Child pees in the toilet twice. Refuses to pee in the toilet seven times. Wets the bed during nap time. Pees on the couch. No poop.
Day 2- Child pees in the toilet four times. Refuses to pee in the toilet six times. Wets the bed during nap time. Pees in the stroller once. Poops herself. Nugget of poo rolls out of her pant leg onto the kitchen floor. Eats dirt (irrelevant). Learns that "an accident" is not a happy surprise we celebrate. Cries.
Day 3- Child pees herself twice within the breakfast hour. Again seems to think that an "accident" is a happy surprise. She will not be convinced otherwise. Pees in the toilet after I read her eight Elmo books. Fatigue sets in. I drop her off at LL's house.

Sorry guys, due to aforementioned perverts, there will be no more pictures of Ceci on her potty.

*UPDATE! Child pees herself twice in two hours at LL's house. Is now asleep in a diaper. I am open to suggestions! Is this child not ready?


  1. We still have to use a pull up on Jordan during nap times and bedtime because that's a pretty much guaranteed pee-in-pants. I don't think he was potty trained til some time after his 3rd bday. But I guess boys and girls are different. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that boys don't have to use TP after peeing - I guess because they are comfortable with dripping pee into their underwear?

  2. Don't even go there. Kids will potty train when they are ready and before that, it's traumatic and distressing for the parent more than for the child. We tried for ages with child number 1 and on the day she turned 3 she decided she would wear undies. She has never even wet her bed since that day when she decided she was a big girl. Child number 2 did it at 2 and a half years old because she wanted to be like her big sister. Child number 3 showed some interest recently by going in the potty a few times. I did exactly what you are doing and tried to get out of nappies once and for all. All I ended up doing was cleaning pee off of carpet, couch, etc. She's back in nappies and although she is not even 2, I know now that she will decide when she's ready. Leave it up to Cece and don't create more work for yourself than you already have.


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