Monday, December 20, 2010

How to Take Care of a Baby

I'm still learning how to be a Mom, and it's tricky. I've made some mistakes this week and I feel a bit stupid. Here's the deal- it's the holidays, and we've gotten a lot of party invitations. I'm determined to take Ceci to a few parties because she is cute, dammit. I like showing her off.
Thursday night we took her to a friend's dinner party and things did not go well. Upon our arrival Ceci was mobbed by a herd of squealing women and she flipped out. There was lots of screaming. We ended up hiding in an upstairs bedroom and nursing for a few hours. I could hear the loud talking and music coming up through the floor and I questioned my judgement. Why do I torture my daughter when all she wants to do is stay home with a boob in her mouth?
Sunday night we dragged her out again to a three-year-old's birthday party at the bowling alley. That was okay for a while, but after about twenty minutes of pins crashing, toddlers yelling, and Guns n' Roses blaring Ceci started to melt down again.
Luckily, there was a Mom there who is a million times smarter than I am and she lent us these-

Which led to this-


We were able to stay a little longer and I ordered a pair of these earmuffs as soon as we got home. As soon as they arrive we're taking her to see Slayer. She's going to love it. 


  1. Don't feel stupid Em!!!! You totally should take Ceci out. Plus, it's probably good for your own sanity as well, to get out and see people!! Merry, merry Christmas to you, Matthew, and darling Ceci. xoxo

  2. Take her out, she'll get used to it eventually. There is a balance between what you used to do and what you can do now with baby in tow but don't hide away at home to keep her "on schedule". Babies are resilient.

  3. thanks for coming to hang out with us even though it was wild noisy bowling. i kind of wish i had some of those ear muffs myself sometimes. your baby is beautiful. it was heavenly to hold a sleeping baby again as my rowdy kid turned three.


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