Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Hello lovelies. I thought I would try something new today. My friend Kirin writes an amazing fashion blog that features some snappy looks from her closet. She's inspired me to rethink the ponytail mommy rut I'm stuck in. I've been wearing the same sloppy jeans and crappy hoodie for months. It's embarrassing. I used to love putting a cute outfit together, but since I got knocked up and birthed the lady child, I've lost my fashion mojo. I have trouble pulling myself together since I'm generally tired, on the run, and covered in baby food or dealing with post-baby body blues. But I'm ready to feel fashionable again.
So I thought I would take a page from Kirin's book and share my night-off outfit.
New dress! (old shoes)

I'm sure this third picture of the dress is gratuitous, but you really must note our cat licking her own vagizzle in the middle of the street. We like to keep it classy for the neighbors.

Dress- thrifted last weekend at Shipwreck Day.
I am not wearing white tights. That is the actual color of my flesh. Translucent skin is the new black.
Shoes- Cydwoq.
Lipstick- "Dubonnet" by MAC.


  1. You look hot! And adorable. Love the dress. I was totally caught off guard by your cat. At first glance she looked like a lemur or some other wild animal. Definitely a classy maneuver-she's performing there.

  2. you have the best luck thrifting....and look fantastic!

  3. Soooooooo happy that you are adjusting to your hotness! It makes me happy to se you smiling and looking like you FEEL how beautiful you really are!!! Xo

  4. Thank you so much ladies! Even though pregnancy and childbirth was empowering, I feel like a stranger in my own skin. It's nice to start to feel like myself again.

  5. this dress is so fabulous! truly a great vintage find! thank you for mentioning my blog emily! you are so kind, sweet, funny, hilarious, and looking fantastic! XOXO


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