Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ceci's Haircut

I'm thrilled about today. I took Ceci to the barbershop and she got her first haircut sitting on my Dad's lap. It was hilarious. My Dad has been talking about it all day. It's funny how babies bring people together. Everyone there was smiling when we left. Tomorrow is her first birthday party. I'm nervous and emotional. This has been the hardest and best year of my life.
Behold, the haircut!

Um, I'd like the extra-large baby cape please.

No babies were choked during said haircut.

Jersey boy haircuts for $12!

Flapping bingo wings free of charge.



  1. Aww! She looks beautiful! I'm surprised that you didn't choose the Jersey shore haircut. It seems that it would be perfect on a baby girl:-) And at only $12- how can you beat it?
    You are so funny- 'flapping bingo wings.' Ha!

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Omg. So so so cute. Congrats on your first year as a mommy, looks like you're doing a super job :):) xo

  3. Um, my god, she is cute. And this post is killing me. Baby's first haircut and bday party all in the same week. Those are some huge milestones, lady. Kudos to you. I still have not cute Emerson's hair and I've sworn that the day I do all that hair is going in a box for me to secretly hoard. Creepy, I know.

    By the way, I was reading Alice in Wonderland two nights ago to Emerson and just figured out how you got the name for your blog. Love it!


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