Sunday, October 9, 2011

How To Make A Cafe Curtain In Four Short Months, And Other Domestic Tips

Well Friends, Behold the fruits of my labor!

I used Martha's instructions to tackle this project for my dining room window, and four months later, voila! Easy Peasy. In fact, I realized that if I paid myself a fair wage for constructing this curtain, it would have cost me only $100! And that's not even including sewing supplies and fabric. Boy am I proud. The best part is I was able to sew it while Ceci was napping. Well,  she was mostly screaming in her crib, but I like to call that napping. At times I considered going into her room and comforting her, but my heart told me I should finish the curtain. What kind of Mother would I be if I gave up on every little project just because she's crying? She cries all the time, she's a baby for christsakes. Besides, someday she will pass the curtain down to HER children. And they will pass it down to THEIR children. It's basically an heirloom already.
Here's a close up so you can see the fine handwork that went into this product.
Impressive. I know. I'm going to make one for Ceci's room next. The window in her room is twice as large so I think this next curtain will take seven or eight months to complete. But it's worth it. Anything for my precious one.
In other household news, I've discovered the secret to a clean house! Once something gets dirty, I throw it away. Seriously, I finally have a clean house and it feels so good. Sure, I might have to purchase some essential kitchen items and whatnot soon to replace the things I've thrown out. But it's worth it! By not cleaning I've opened up so much time in my schedule for drinking white wine, sewing cafe curtains, self-grooming, and trying Halloween costumes on the baby. It's a win win. We're all happy here. 


  1. Oh my god Emily, you are so funny. I love the intricate work of the curtain, looks a step up from my attempts at sewing. Good on ya! I hope to see a whole house of immaculate Martha curtains someday.

  2. These are the moments that I feel like we were seperated at birth!!! Ha!!!


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