Friday, February 25, 2011

Free Advertising for the Oriental Bamboo Ear Wax Cleaning Spoon

Today's post is brought to you by boogers and earwax.
Ceci has a nose full of boogers and ears crammed with wax and I cannot stop trying to excavate both. Gross, I know. I have become one of THOSE mothers. You know the ones. The monkey-like mother that obsessively grooms her child.
It amazes me that cleaning out my daughter's nose does not make me squeamish at all. It actually makes me feel accomplished. Am I mentally ill? Possibly.
Since my hobbies include surfing the Internet for objects to waste money on (only when I'm not busy picking Ceci's nose), I came across this gem- the Oriental bamboo ear wax cleaning spoon. This thing is brilliantly marketed towards obsessive compulsive and culturally insensitive mothers. Do I need to buy this "very special oriental gift" for Ceci? Maybe I do.  If I rupture her eardrum while using it, at least I can distract her from the pain with the "strap -on mascot".
Check it out and tell me if it isn't the most lethal looking Q-tip you've ever seen.


  1. go get it girl! that thing is like three dollars.

  2. I want it! I am obsessed with cleaning my kids ears. Although, now that they are older, they are big enough to reverse the tables and pin me down and torture me with q-tips and fingernails in the ears.


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