Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Heart shaped ricotta pancakes from the Old Town Cafe

Ceci and Ada

Ceci pulling a weird zombie maneuver on Ada. She has my talent for scaring away potential friends with her unquenchable thirst for human flesh. 

Heart garland I made at the Temple Bar craft night. Martha Stewart, watch out! I'm sneaking up behind you with a club and some chloroform. Wow. This post is just getting creepier and creepier, isn't it?

The pavlova cake that I fucked up utterly and had to throw away. It sounded great though, and according to the lovely Megan, it is. But I am too mentally challenged to use parchment paper, apparently. Also meringue baffles me. Although in my defense, it is a recipe from an Australian website and the temperature described was in Celsius, not Fahrenheit. So I spent the entire afternoon trying to bake a cake at 100 degrees. Christ, how embarrassing.
Good thing my husband loves me. Happy Valentine's day!


  1. I laughed out loud no fewer than four times whilst reading this. Amazing. You funny.

    And I will continue to laugh at the thought of you "baking" a cake at 100 degrees F. HA! Awesome.

    Happy Valentine's Day, Clauers!!!

  2. Thanks for a good laugh after a sleepless night.

  3. I love zombie babies- they are the best kind! I have been known to brutally fuck up a box mix cake- so don't feel badly about your attempt at making a homemade cake. It is the thought that counts. Right?


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