Saturday, February 19, 2011

Candida Got Me Down

So, lately I've gotten more than my fair share of "chubby thighs/ fat baby" jokes, and I'm feeling sensitive because at Ceci's recent doctor's visit, I mentioned an innocuous rash on her neck and was told it was a yeast infection. Um, people, I work at a doctor's office and I see herds of fat people with yeast infections in their fat rolls. I've started associating yeast infections with the obese.
But really, what strikes me is that not only does fungus stalk my life, but so does this stupid fear of my daughter being teased for being overweight. I could go on for hours about female body issues and how they fuck with your mind etc. It's old news.
It's also silly how a little fungus in your daughter's neck can mess with your peace of mind. It's no biggie, right?
In other news, I am seriously considering buying this cabin for my cat.
I feel a bit guilty for ignoring her since the baby came. This cat used to be my BFF. Now she's like an annoying relative that you resent, but you are not sure how to ask them to leave. Once again, I am a terrible person.

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  1. Oh this post makes me sad. I'm sorry that people and yeast are being such bitches. I'm extra sorry for myself because of the visual you put into my head about the fat yeast infection people. :)

    Just remember that you can't control other people, but you can control your own actions and I am certain that you will instill a wonderful sense of confidence and self-worth in Ceci. And you're a great role model! The girl can't lose - she's a lucky lady!!!

    In any case for what it's worth, I think she is pretty darn perfect, and I'd give anything to be able to kiss those cheeks of hers!!

    I think Raimunda would feel really excited about a cat cabin. Maybe she has a birthday coming up??

    Anyway try not to feel too guilty. Just know that you're doing your best - and your best is always good enough. xo

    PS - a large bag of dicks. Do they sell those in Washington?


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