Friday, May 27, 2011

Leaving The Resort And Liking It

Well friends, if you doubted that I could really stretch a seven day trip into four separate blog posts, doubt no longer! This post is episode three and I have one more in me.

Here is my Dad, Matthew, and Ceci in the Bjorn at Waimea Bay. The water looks a bit dangerous, no? That's because it is. I couldn't believe how many people were swimming despite all the signs advising people to stay out of the water. This bay has some of the largest surf anywhere in the world in the winter, and it hosts the famous Eddie Aikau surf competition. I rarely read biographies but I'm reading his. It's awesome. 

Waikiki Beach 

Honolulu has some of the best '60's mod architecture I've ever seen. And yes, you heard me,
I said '60's mod architecture. That's stuff White People Like

Diamond Head from the bar at the Sheraton. We drove into Honolulu to visit with Matthew's childhood friend Chris. Driving to Honolulu from our resort took 1.5 hours. It was less than 25 miles. Honolulu traffic reminds me of California. 

More funky Honolulu hotels. 

Baby's fartface. We were attacked by some crazily aggressive pigeons at this food court.

To be continued on the Big Island...

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