Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Around These Parts

Ceci has a strong neck. Tummy trouble has ended.

The weather is summer-ish.

So we spent a day in Edison.

We had some wine next to the slough.

And admired some art.

Then we took a family photo.

And the cat came home. I heard her meowing in the basement and found her wedged between some pipes. God only knows where she's been this week. She's very thin and seems exhausted.


  1. Ceci is just getting more and more beautiful! I love the family photo and the saying on the wall behind you. I am glad that your cat returned. At least it is one less little question needing to be answered, "Where are you? (And do I still need to keep buying cat food for you if you're not here?)"

  2. Ceci is growing like a weed. You appear to have such a lovely lifestyle, hope you are enjoying it!


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