Saturday, June 18, 2011

Big Island Friends

Aloha friends. I had a great Hawaii post planned out, but it went into the crapper. When I was looking through my pictures of the Big Island, I realized that almost all of my photos were of my friend and her daughter. I love them so dearly, but I'm kind of shocked that I spent two days following them around with a camera and forgot to take any photos of the lava, the palm trees, the turtles, or the beach. I guess being my friend is like being stalked by paparazzi. And unfortunately, I'm not going to share those pictures because not everyone wants photos of their kid on the world wide web (shocking, I know). So, here's more photos of us-

Beach 69 North of Kona.

I love this photo. I'm praying this doesn't come back to haunt her in 20 years. Cecigate.

Lunch at Don the Beachcomber

We are a family.


  1. umm..that picture of ceci in her pink ear things is my new favorite. your kid slays my dragon heart with adorableness and personality. she is epic. you guys are epic too, but i mean, c'mon. she's almost too much.

  2. and such a cute family at that!

  3. Ceci is so beautiful. I always enjoy your family photos- you guys always look like you are enjoying life. And you have the most welcoming smiles;)
    As per your comment about my brother- yes, he is quite a character- always the performer. Go to YouTube and search for 'runaway chris.' it is the video that got him 'unfriended' by my old uptight aunt on Facebook. Warning- he's wearing a leopard print thong while 'exercising.'


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