Saturday, June 4, 2011

Gone, Kitty, Gone.

Well friends, my cat seems to have taken off. At least, I'm hoping she took off on a walkabout- type adventure as opposed to came to a violent end. Or was kidnapped by hippies. Let's just work with the theory that she is catting about somewhere. Being a gangster in a new neighborhood. It's possible she's tired of whipping cat butt around here and decided to wreck havoc on the other side of town. She'll come back when she's satisfied that she's the toughest cat in town. I'm pretty sure.
I feel awful though. The cat has been annoying the crap out of me since the baby came along. It's like I never noticed how whiny and needy she is until I had two creatures pawing at me. If we're being honest I will admit I've flung a few shoes at her in the last few months. I've also put her out of the house for  being relentlessly affectionate or noisy when I'm trying to feed the baby. Kitty has become the redheaded stepchild and she knows it. Between baby and kitty  the baby always wins, of course. It's got to be hard on a cat who was spoiled and doted on as only childless people can for so many years.
Raimunda-  in happier days as an only child. 

Ceci- younger, cuter and much less likely so piss on my shoes or hack up a furball.


  1. LOL! Ugh, we are feeling the same way about our cats. Our siamese is driving us crazy- she stands outside our door at 5am and makes the most awful siamese-y meowing (which sounds more like MERR-OW)and then she pukes all over the bed. And one of them is peeing outside of the box. We used to say, "I love them, but I am so done." Now it's just, "I am done." And,now that it is warmer and we are all walking around in barefeet- it is even more disconcerting- no, disgusting to step in steamy cat barf. Enjoy your piss free shoes and furball free floors.

  2. @ amy- Matthew's Mom used to breed Siamese cats, they are so chatty and annoying. I am freaking out about our tabby being missing- and hoping she is gone for good at the same time. Bad stuff, bad cat mommy!!

  3. Emily- she will show up just when you've made incredible, awesome peace with her being gone.

  4. I hate cats anyway so good riddance. Or is that really harsh to say?

  5. @ megan, it's ok. i have a love hate thing with the cat. i'm just hoping she isn't hurt or dead.

  6. E- it will be okay! RBQ is a tough cookie! Maybe you inspired her to start her own little family! She is probably off in heat somewheres! Xo


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