Friday, October 8, 2010

Everyday Heroes

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who has sent me messages of support this week. It turns out that the mold growing in our house is most likely just an ordinary outbreak of mildew or mold or whatever, but not the "Black Mold" that eats babies and erases minds forever (I just made that last part up).
But especially, a big thank you to my lovely husband Matthew.

Matthew has spent the last three days cleaning the bedroom from top to bottom with bleach and fungicide, as well as emptying out the closet and washing every single article of clothing. He's done the majority of this all on his own since I've been camped out at a friend's house to avoid inhaling the chemicals.  

My other hero is Sam. 

Wonderful Sam lent us her house while she is at a wedding in California, which has not only enabled me to avoid the chemicals in our house, but has allowed me to fulfill my fantasy of bathing in her beautiful claw foot tub with the skylight overhead. 
So the saga of fungi vs. family continues, but it's been tolerable. Really, it's almost a blessing in disguise because our house has never been so clean, and what better time to do a deep cleaning than before baby arrives? Also, I learned a valuable lesson about ventilation in old houses. We've kept our bedroom door shut for years because our cat is an asshole and pissed on our bed when we first brought her home. Turns out airflow is important, and the perpetually closed door has most likely contributed to the fungal invasion. 
Lastly, I've grown to almost sympathise with fungi. Why wouldn't the outside want to come in? It's nasty outside. And after all, I'm an inside creature that likes to go out. I especially enjoy "camping" and "sleeping outside in the shrubbery" after a few cocktails and the fungi of the world has shared it's space with me in the past. So who am I to begrudge fungi for looking for some hospitality?


  1. if ever i knew a man who could "do work", it is matthew clauer. you make me laugh emily. i very much enjoy your view of the world.

  2. i like this tribute almost as much as i liked bud's 'real men of genius' ads.


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