Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Fungus Among Us

Dear Friends, according to some inspirational literature I once read, God never gives us more than we can handle. I'm trying to meditate on that thought today. Last night Matthew discovered some type of fungus growing in our bedroom. The fungus is in the closet and it ate my favorite shoes. It also colonized our bed frame.
Matthew and I live in a rental house that is about 100 years old and quite drafty. I have a love/ hate relationship with the house, but the rent is so cheap it allows us to put away money each month.
Upon discovery of the fungus we quickly abandoned our bedroom. We moved our mattress and clothing into the baby's room and I went on the internet to research our new housemate. I discovered that the fungus could be as harmless as mildew or as toxic as "Black Mold", which is dangerous for anyone to live around and breathe in, and especially for pregnant women and newborns.
Great news. So now I'm camped out waiting to hear from my landlord and the mold inspector and wondering if I need to move while I'm 9 months pregnant.


  1. We used to live in an old damp house and all of my shoes and handbags would go furry. It's a huge problem in NZ because it's such a wet place. That black mold can be seriously dangerous. Wipe everything with white vinegar; the mold feeds on it and explodes thereby killing itself. Oh dear, I do hope you don't have to move right as baby is about to come into the world!!!!!

  2. Oh Emily!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so sorry. Keep us posted. Thinking of you!!! xoxo


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