Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Folly is Your Gain

Some of you may have correctly deduced that I have a shopping problem. I really love to buy stuff. Luckily, my urges to waste my money can be easily satisfied by inexpensive things (most of the time) provided the said item has a certain je ne sais quoi. 
I purchased this hamburger phone yesterday morning and I have to say I felt good about it all day long. It was a funny thing really. I went to the local ebay store to try to unload my framed Ken Griffey jersey (don't ask), and lo and behold, I spotted the hamburger phone in the ebay store and was smitten. The shop girl agreed to sell it to me for $5 and I actually thought to myself- "This girl doesn't even know what this is worth!"
I snapped that baby up and went home feeling very self satisfied. Of course, I have no land line at home. I have no plans to get a land line. I have no use for a hamburger phone and I'm not sure what compelled me to get it except that it exuded a certain sex appeal that I was powerless to resist. 
So today, I have hamburger phone regret. It's not quite as bad as ate-old-dairy regret but it's still making me uncomfortable. I could have bought a REAL hamburger for 5 dollars. 
Dear Readers, do any of you desire the hamburger phone? I'm going to do my first blog giveaway with the hamburger phone. If you want it, leave a comment below and on Wednesday I'll choose someone at random. 


  1. Well Em I can't say this one interests me being a vegetarian but it would be quite funny. The other thing about it is that it has a cord so running out of the room of screaming children so I can actually hear the person on the phone would be impossible. Somebody no doubt will love this phone and be totally stoked on your giveaway.

  2. I want a hamburger phone REAL bad!!!! I even have a landline. Comcast coerced me into getting one, they said I could get a better deal for my cable if I got a landline. I say SHENANIGANS, Comcast. But, I still have a landline and no phone. And I love hamburgers. And phones. And rambling, apparently. xoxo

  3. $10 for the phone. Phone for me. Profit for Emily.

    Better offer Missy?
    Perhaps we could share and call it a slider each?

  4. Your hamburger phone is both delicious and delightful! I think that Juno had the same phone and that movie rocked.

  5. Hazel loves Juno! and wanted to let you know that she would love the hamburger phone. She dressed up as Ellen Page for her school movie character day & all the costume was missing was the hamburger phone.


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