Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Walking Dead

Returning to work has been very challenging. Thanks to coffee, I am dragging my corpse to the office every morning, but just barely. I'm not going to be winning any performance awards either. I sort of feel like I spend all day every day at the bottom of the ocean, weighed down with large sandbags. All sound is muffled, I feel heavy, and it's dark.
I've tried explaining to Ceci that mommy needs more sleep now, but she laughed at me, and then she pooped herself.
I know women all over the world return to work after having a baby, but how do they do it? I'm barely scraping by here folks. What amazes me is that our workforce is filled with these re-animated corpse/ new mommies and society still functions. I'm reminded of a history class I took in college, where the professor talked about how China basically fell apart when the British introduced opium to the country, because everyone was so high all the time that nothing got done. That is basically how I feel about my job/ house/ life. Except I am sober. So that sucks.
But at the end of the day I get to come home to these two, so I feel lucky.

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  1. Em - I've never been able to understand how people, women particularly, are able to function and hold full-time jobs while raising children of ANY age - especially newborns.

    I feel for you, dear. Thank God for warm showers and hot coffee and cute, mustachioed family members - right?? xo


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