Wednesday, March 9, 2011

On Toys and Other Drugs

A friend of Matthew's recently gifted Ceci with this vintage Fisher Price airplane complete with a few passengers.

Isn't that adorable? Matthew says the guy in orange is Gordon, from Sesame Street. I'm not sure if that's the case. I remember Gordon having a mustache, not a goatee, and I'm pretty sure he had arms, and was made of human flesh. Bad jokes aside, it's a very cute gift, no? Unfortunately, Matthew's friend is unaware that giving me my daughter this toy is like giving a drug addict just one little taste of smack.
I say this because I've been fighting a vintage Fisher Price obsession since I birthed my little critter, and that may seem harmless, but in truth it's dangerous because of (A) my tendency towards hoarding, and (B) the potential cost involved.
I think it started when I saw this record player at the antique store I frequent. It had all four records, was fully functioning, and was in beautiful shape for a toy older than I am. It was $30, which isn't terrible, but I ran out of that shop like my hair was on fire. The problem is this- once I have the record player I'll want the TV. Once I have the TV I'll want the little camera. Then the telephone, then the whirly ball push-thing, then the pull- along duck thing. I will become obsessed with collecting all of the Fisher Price toys I remember from my childhood and then I will most likely lock myself in a room to coo lovingly to them while I polish them with moist towelettes. I may or may not consume too much wine while I deplete my bank account on ebay while in pursuit of my new collection.
Soooooo. Now, through no fault of my own, there is a toy in my home acting as a trigger for me. Should I go for it, or do I find a self- help group?

Also- here's that recipe for plum cake Missy. Enjoy.


  1. Favorite post ever? I laughed out loud like six times. Gordon!!! Haahahhaha! *whew.* *wipes tears from eyes*

    I hear you on the addiction thing and don't envy you one bit. I am already trying to talk myself out of looking for vintage Fisher Price toys online FOR you. :)

    And I cannot wait to bake that cake - mmmm thanks!

  2. I can completely understand your obsession. Looking at those toys brings me back to a happy place. I had all of those things. My mother still has some of them at her house (I believe the phone is floating around). I loved the record player. My mother had this little FP music player that she held onto from when we were kids. It played "My Name is Michael" and a little picture turned in the frame. It made it through all of us and my three older kids and then magically died when we gave it to Violet last year. It was like a bit of my childhood died:-(

  3. what if other people find the fisher price toys FOR you? i had that same reaction to that record player at that antique store. run, i said to myself. we don't need another collection. but YOU, have already started one. so......

  4. thanks ladies! but don't go buying me any stuff. it's like giving a stray dog a bone...


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