Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cake and Martha, Again.

My friend's birthday is creeping up and once again I'm in cake brainstorming mode. Lord I love cake. Look at what I ran across on Martha Stewart's site!

Lovely and amazing? Yes, of course. But isn't it also just a little... creepy? This is basically  a princess party cake, but for grownups. And according to Martha this cake is inspired by.... wait for it.... ruffled tap pants. Jesus. I try Martha. I try to understand you and Gawd knows I've defended you against the haters. But it's time to lay down the pipe, and retire the tutu and tap shoes for good. You're no Ginger Rogers,  or a princess and neither am I. Also, the Ruffle Tower Cake recipe doesn't bother to mention flavor or  taste, it just stands there, defiantly tall and ruffley. If you need further proof of Martha's impending break with reality check out this monstrosity of a birthday cake.
I welcome any and all cake suggestions this week and Martha- if you're reading, call me. I can be your stay-at-home nurse. We can take psychotropic meds together and ride horses at midnight.

In baby news, my child has successfully replaced me with a breast-shaped toy. I wish you could see the way she goes to town on this thing. Mommy who?

She also has a Bumbo chair. 
So, as the person who suckles her and props her upright, I am now redundant. Who knew it would happen so soon? *weeping*
Anyway moving on. Those of you who know me in RL (that's "real life" for those who are not as sadly geeky as me) have heard of my impending trip to Hawaii. Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii. I think and talk of nothing else. That's right Mother Truckers, Hawaii. Let me know what you think of this swimsuit. I'm not prepared to wear my bikini five months postpartum. I'm no celebrity with my post-baby body looking bodacious. No way. I have wobbly bits where wobbly bits do not belong. Luckily, I truly like the retro swimsuit look.
That is all for now. Have a great week my friends. 


  1. Hawaii, lucky lucky you! And, hot swimsuit! This summer I'll probably go with something like the image in the following link:
    It says that it's wholesome and slimming ;-)

    I cannot wait to see the cake that you come up with for your friend's birthday.

  2. I love that cake so much. I don't even know what ruffled tap pants ARE (I mean, I can imagine, but...???). Martha Martha Martha. She is something.

    Is it weird that I want to try to make that???? I'll let you know if I do, and what the results are.

    Em, Ceci is so perfect. I just love her! And you're not redundant......Ceci can't love and resent and fight with an inanimate object when she's 13 :):) xo

    PS - Have a blast in Hawaii. I've never been so I'm excited to see pics and hear about your trip!!

  3. your boobs are going to be giant in that swimsuit. hot mom pinup girl huge. and if they aren't quite big enough you can just stuff ceci's new favorite toy in there. what i mean to say is, yes to that swimsuit. it's perfect. look out kona.

  4. that swimsuit is going to show a lot of boob!
    what about this one? it has a strap.


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