Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Nursery Blues

The theme of the week at our house has been neurotic obsessing over baby X's nursery. Specifically, I've been melting down a little bit because I'm due in 5 weeks and we have no where for baby to sleep and no bedding for our non-existent crib/bassinet. My Dad was helpful and suggested we stick her in a drawer. Thanks Dad, for feeding my Ma Joad insecurities.
The instigating factor for my meltdown was a casual conversation with the owner of my favorite antique shop, who happened to mention that her baby showed up a month early last year.
Christ Almighty. A month early would be next week and we are not even close to being ready. First of all, the baby's room looks like this-

Sad isn't it? It looks like a place where bad things happen to babies. And yes, the floor is a disaster. Every time I go in there to try to organize I get upset. There is one dresser and a pile of boxes. That's it.  All my attempts to furnish this nursery have been thwarted. Last month I won a beautiful Persian rug off ebay that never arrived. After trying to contact the seller for 3 weeks I ended up filing a complaint with ebay. Eventually I was refunded, but I'm still without a rug to cover that terrible floor. We are going to Ikea this weekend to get a few furniture items and rumor has it that our crib has been shipped, but I'm not sure I believe it. I guess I have no one but myself to blame for waiting this long to get my act together, but that can't stop me from whining into the blogosphere.

There is nothing sadder than a pregnant woman pumped full of nesting hormones with nothing to nest with. I've found myself folding and refolding the clothes in the dresser to soothe myself. I feel like I need to be swaddled and carried around. It's not good.

Here are a couple of lovely nurseries from Bloesom kids.

I'm telling myself that both of these nurseries were once "before" pictures. Am I right?


  1. Get out the sander and start polishing that floor; that will keep you busy, and then varnish and voila before you know it your crib will arrive and all will be perfect. Well at least that's what I was doing first time around. Amazing how much energy an 8 month pregnant lady can gather if she wants something finished and perfect.

  2. Emily, I love your blog! You are so funny. I'm sure that everything will come together. I have a little longer than you, 10 weeks, but my nursery is a mess too. I need to take a before picture. I am starting to get stressed because I know that things will soon start to get crazy with the holidays and I want to have the nursery ready before that starts. I have most of the necessary stuff from the previous kids, but it is all disorganized. With my first, I finished the nursery 3 days before he was born (2 weeks early), but it all worked out. Good luck and I can't wait to see the after pictures! The room has a lot of potential and character, unlike my house which is only 3 years old.


  3. Oh EMILY! Please demand that Matthew swaddle you and carry you around and then post pictures immediately on your blog and FB. Thank you.

  4. if it's any consolation, i made a beautiful nursery for jasper and he went in it exactly zero times. it eventually became a weird office space/ storage space/ mess, with cute artwork on the walls.

    i slept in a drawer when i was a baby. and i am a chronic underachiever with a foul mouth and bad attitude. just sayin'.


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