Monday, September 13, 2010

This Bonnet Might Cure Cancer

OK, so it wouldn't really cure cancer, but if my cat wore this crocheted monster hat from xmoonbloom I would have a permanent smile on my face. I can guarantee it would reduce my anxiety level overall if I could just close my eyes and transport myself to a place where I could gaze at my cat in this hat all day long. Actually, that might be a great distraction exercise for my labor. Note to self- bring photo of cat in bonnet to hospital on delivery day. 
This lady's etsy shop has actually rejuvenated my desire to pick up my crocheting again. I've been trying to re-learn to crochet from a book with mixed results. More on that later. I'm hoping to take a quick class sometime in the next month at the yarn store to make sure I'm doing the stitches correctly, because the things I've been crocheting look... wonky. Unfortunately the women that run the yarn place are super disorganized and keep putting the class off (I'm about to pop ladies! I'm on a tight crafting schedule for Chrissakes). While I'm waiting for them to get their Depends straightened out Matthew is acquiring more and more bellybutton cozies and sad lopsided potholders. 


  1. That is a really adorable hat. But I'm curious: how long did it stay on? It would be off in NO TIME if I tried it on one of my two.

  2. A belly button cozy!!! Ahahhahaha you make me giggle.


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