Friday, August 20, 2010

Curry Spiced Tomato Gratin

I've been meaning to try this recipe since I spotted it on 101 cookbooks, but I was put off by the repeated warnings that it was a long, tedious one that would suck up most of your afternoon or evening.
Turns out this recipe wasn't so tedious after all. It does bake for quite some time, but if you have a mandolin the prep and assembling are a snap. I imagine cutting all the veggies by hand would take forever.

This didn't turn out as pretty as I imagined (they never do) but it was absolutely delicious. I also love that it's a good way to use up the bruised or ugly tomatoes from the garden. Ugly tomatoes need love too. 

We scarfed down the whole thing. Next time I'll make two so we can have leftovers for lunch. 

In other news, I'm dog sitting for the lovely Vivian again. She lays in her bed and stares at me nonstop just like this-

See how she scowls at me?
I'm developing dog owner guilt. If we're not on a walk or playing with the ball every minute I worry that she's miserable. Is this what parenting is like? Scary. At least baby X won't be able to chase the cat for at least a year or so. Every time I turn around Vivian is either drooling over the kitty or trying to get her nose into kitty's butt. The cat seems pretty put out.

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