Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday's a wash

My plan for today was to work, do my pregnancy workout DVD, and make a nice lasagne for dinner. Accomplishing those three things would have been enough to leave me feeling satisfied that I am a well adjusted, functioning individual and an above par wife and person in general.
Unfortunately, at the end of my work day I developed one of the screwy migraines I've been struggling with since the third month of my pregnancy. I've never been one for migraines before, so it surprised me when these crept into my life and that they manifested as tunnel vision instead of the splitting headache I imagined a migraine would be. Today was the third time I've left work with one and had to go lay down in the back of the car and call my husband to come get me.
So instead of accomplishing the self-actualized behavior outlined above I've spent the evening being horizontal in the bedroom clutching a sweaty pillow. Lame.
Anyway, these pictures of the Beautiful Cervix Project cheered me up, and maybe you'll like them too.

Who knew the cervix had such a tender, dorky look to it? It makes me want to put my arm around a cervix and assure it that this akward stage will soon be over. Some of the cervixes, especially those that recently gave birth, really look like they could use a pep talk.

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  1.'t know if I'll ever be the same after viewing the beautiful cervix project! good to know, though, and thanks for sharing!


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