Thursday, August 5, 2010

What's for dinner

Lentil "bolognese" lasagne
I finally got around to making this lasagne and it was delish. I make lasagne regularly but I've always boiled the noodles first. This is a "no boil" recipe and despite my fears the noodles were fully cooked into the sauce with only a few little crunchy bits at the top corners. Nothing major.
This is a nice healthy recipe that is surprisingly light despite the layers of lentil "meat" sauce. The white sauce on the top and few parmesan shavings add some fat to the dish, but it's still a good protein/ fiber punch for me and baby X.
Thanks to my kiwi friend for putting this dish onto my radar- she didn't fool me with her tricky metric measurements either! Ha.
To make your own click here.

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