Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What Summer?

Wow. It's August 31st and the summer seems to have ended. It's been raining sideways all day and it looks like it may stay this way for the foreseeable future. I guess God 86'd summer. Lame. It's days like this that make me wonder why I moved away from the Homeland (California) to the great dreary Northwest. What was I thinking? 
What seems to happen every autumn is that I become wrapped up in the pleasurable pumpkin carving / leaf changing/ woolly sweater magic just enough to forget that a long, dark, miserable winter is quivering right there on the horizon. But today winter is in my face. It's an aggressive, surly winter that doesn't want to wait for it's moment on stage, dammit. It's ready NOW. 
It also just occurred to me that woolly sweater magic won't be mine this autumn either, not until I get baby X out of my womb and into the world. All I have is one eggplant colored maternity sweater and an old, giant blue hoody to fit over my girth. No way am I going to spend more money on maternity clothes with only 8 weeks to go. Double dammit. 
On a happier note, isn't this the cutest baby mobile ever? Our friend Karie Jane made it for us and she may be the most talented person in the galaxy. She started a site here on blogger but hasn't started posting yet.  If you like this mobile as much as I do then maybe send her an encouraging message and she'll start posting some of her art stuff. Peace out. 

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