Tuesday, April 5, 2011


A conversation regarding Ceci between my friend J. and her son, L.
L: Mommy, she's kinda fat.
J: She's not fat sweetie, she's a baby.
L: But, her face.

I ask you friends, are fat people flexible enough to get their feet in their mouth? Riddle me that. They are not. Bam. Case closed.

In birthday cake news, viola!

I ended up making lovely LL a birthday cake from Smitten Kitchen. After Matthew's birthday cake success I decided to give the website another whirl, and the cake turned out pretty yummy.

It's a classic buttermilk cake with sour cream chocolate frosting. Yum. I love that little bit of tang in the frosting. I dig it when my food bites me back. My only quibble is that the frosting recipe asks you to add espresso powder to the chocolate before melting it in the double boiler, thus insuring that the damn chips will take FOREVER to melt. In fact, I'm not sure if they ever would have melted at all if chef husband hadn't stepped in and saved the day. All's well that ends well. I got to eat cake for dinner two nights in a row and my last day at Sucky Job is Thursday! Cheers. 

1 comment:

  1. Ceci is not fat at all! She's perfectly perfect. That flexibility is amazing.

    The cake looks gorgeous! I love a little sour cream in my baked goods. I envy your baking talent.


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