Thursday, April 21, 2011

On The Stroll

Salud friends. I'm sorry that I've been a bit slack on blogging. I have writers block coupled with a blog identity crisis. I'm working on it. If you know what this blog is about, will you tell me? Originally I thought it would be about food, vintage shopping, and my slow transformation into Martha Stewart but as it turns out, it's just about me, my baby, and my stupid feelings. Hook me up if you have any suggestions as to how I can keep this blog interesting.
Anyway, the day has come that I no longer feel comfortable with Ceci in the Bjorn. She's just too heavy, so today I took her out in the stroller. This was a huge leap for me, because when we got the stroller I secretly thought to myself that I would never use it. Why not, you say? Well friends, it's because Mommies and their strollers drive me batshit crazy everywhere I go. Mommies parking their stroller across the aisles at the grocery store, clogging up the lanes at the farmers market, and marching three strollers wide on the trail I like to run. The Mommies in this town have poor stroller etiquette. They drive their strollers like Hummers.
Regardless, I broke down and took the critter out in her stroller and man oh man, it was luxurious. I don't think I will ever pick up the Bjorn again. The sun on my face, the cool breeze, the baby chattering, it was a revelation. I loved it.
Here's some pictures from our stroll.

I had to hold Ceci and drag the stroller down the steps. Not graceful.

Jealous of our flamingos? I thought these would be stolen when we got them. Apparently our neighbors aren't the thieving type.

Look! A sunny day in Bellingham!*

We strolled to the Temple Bar to meet Chef Husband. We had some wine and celebrated the five year anniversary of our first date.  Thanks for asking me out Matthew! I never would have gotten the balls to ask YOU out, and where would we be now? I'd be on the stroll in a bad way, and he'd be married to some other gal, but dreaming about Ceci and I every night. Seriously, it scares me to think how easily we could have been two ships passing in the night. Do you ever think "what if"?

It was beautiful to live 
when you lived!
The world is bluer and of the earth
at night, when I sleep
enormous, within your small hands.

Pablo Neruda

*We take what we can get.
** Also, please send a happy thought to my friend Megan, who is six days overdue and needs to push out a baby. Go Megan go!


  1. Dangit I don't think my comment worked. Take 2.

    I know what your blog is about! All the things you love - vintage, baking, Bham, Matthew and Ceci! And anything else you find that makes you happy.

    1) Just remember those annoying ladies when you take your stroller out. I have complete faith that you will be a respectful Stroller Mom.

    2) Bham is beautiful, rain or shine!

    3) I am so so happy that you and Matthew found each other. You COULD have been ships passing in the night.....thank goodness you weren't! xoxo

  2. I love your blog. It is perfect because it is about YOU and it reflects your navigation through life. I love that you post about your baking trials, hits and misses. I love that you share your experiences with motherhood, work, marriage. Really cool. I say, keep writing as you are.

  3. @ both ladies, thank you for the encouragement! I'll carry doing what I do. xo

  4. Your little girl is so adorable! And I know what you mean about the "what if's". I think about that, too, and I'm so glad things turned out the way they have.

  5. Thanks Emily! I'm going on day 8 now and this baby needs to push the eject button. I've never been more uncomfortable in my whole life.
    I love your blog exactly how it is: quirky, unexpected fun mixed with true to life stories of mommyhood, work and coupledom. Keep it going as is.
    Strollers rock as long as you maintain good stroller etiquette.


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