Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Postpartum Buzz

Friends, I have so much to tell you and I don't even know where to begin. First off, here is an excellent part of my weekend I forgot to share-
It's true people, that is some fancy shit. Because I have highfalutin tastes in my imbibing, LL and I picked out this fabulous wine to drink once we were not knocked up. I slobbered over this bottle for months, and five months postpartum we finally got around to it. LL gets very little sleep these days, so it was somewhat miraculous she stayed awake for our entire happy hour wine session with Sam. We had wine, cheese, meats, wine, pate, and birthday cake! It was a dream come true.

A picture of LL, our husbands, and I on the very night I was impregnated. It's true. I think it was the heels.  
Also, I have one more day of work at Sucky Job. You would not believe the workplace drama that has unfolded in my last week. Both of the doctors I work with left town this week, so they called in a locum tenens. This locum doctor is also known as Dr. Pervy-Pants. Holy crap he is a dirty old man. The theme of the week is perverts for sure. One more day friends. God give me the strength to leave my sharp tongue and weaponry at home tomorrow and on Monday I will start a brand new job. 


  1. You got knocked up at the MAD MEN PARTY??? I'm weirdly super jealous.

    Can't wait to hear about the new job. Here's to less pervs in 2011!!

  2. Missy, I did not knocked up at the party. I am a grown woman for christsakes. Just the same night.

  3. From the photo of the four of you, I can see how you got knocked up on the night of the party. You look hot!

    Good luck at enduring your last day at Sucky Job. I think that since this is your last day and all, you should get a little perverted and stuff a giant unripe banana in your pants and "accidentally" keep brushing against Dr. Pervy- Pants. "Oops. So, sorry. That thing always gets in the way doctor."

  4. OOPS I actually meant after the party. But still - fun :)

    Congrats on your last day of the job!!!!! So happy for you!


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